CYBER Breach's

Come from any source...

ROGUE Employee, NEGLIGENT Employee, Outsiders, 3rd Party Venders and SOCIAL Networking

Key Policy Features

Event Management

1st Response, Legal Services, IT services, Data Restoration, Reputation
Protection, Notification Costs, ID Monitoring

Data Protection

 Many jurisdictions demand that user data is protected.
Data Protection Investigation
Data Protection Fines


Personal and Corporate Information, Security Failure ,Failure to Notify,
Information Holder Personal and Corporate Information

Optional  Covers

You can opt to get protection from Business Interruption, attempts to 
Extortion's based on data details or any
Multimedia Liability 

What is CyberEdge by AIG?

Comprehensive & cutting edge insurance solution protecting companies against
losses of cyber risks.
A combination AIG’s expertise in business risk and insurance cover with access
to the services of cyber incident response specialists, crisis communication
providers and legal experts to insure that both the financial and reputational
repercussions of a breach are effectively managed.

Claim Examples

Company discovered ransomware.
Source - email sent to user
Policy responded and source email deleted. 

All forensic costs covered by AIG 

Ransomware Claim

Client server became encrypted
Policy responded and Client got IT forensics expert
Focus on server recovery.

Investigations and Repair undertaken

CyberEdge Policy

What happens during a Claim!

How CyberEdge Policy responds to the cyber breach


Immediate response between 1 hour from 


Expert assessment, whats been affected and how can it be contained

Legal and PR

Expert legal and public relations support to contain reputation damage caused


Costs of notifying subjects whose data has been breached

Fines & Investigations

Professional preparartion for investigations and insurable fines and penalties by data protection regulator


Defense costs and damages for any breach of personal and corporate data, theft of system access codes.

CyberEdge by AIG

Protect your Online Users

Get a CyberEdge Policy by AIG and get help protect your users data from Breach Response, fronsic investigation, Legal and PR hackers

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